Day 1

Thomas Nagar centres 1 and 2

CEDAR staff at Kovilpatti have started distributing relief materials to the children enrolled in its Child Resource Centre(CRC) in 12 villages in and around Kovilpatti.

The relief distribution has special significance as it is completely child-centric and first of its kind to extend this support. As a first step, the team comprising of Ms.Mariammal, Project Coordinator,Mr. Michael Raj , Senior Field Coordinator and Mr.Marikannan, Field Coordinator organised the distribution and a total of 87 children received the relief kits containing dry ration and also art and craft materials for children along with 120 pages workbook. The workbook included 11 modules in themes relating to art, craft, story-writing, photography, theatre, folk songs, children role in prevention of Corona and other useful content relating to courage and bravery in context of corona.

The district Thasildhar Mr. Manikandan and School Correspondent Mr. Lal Bahadur distributed the materials to 87 children in 2 village centres in Thomas Nagar on the first day. The respective childrens parents were also present. Most of the materials were distributed by children themselves. According to Mr. Michael, children received with so much enthusiasm and were so excited about the workbook. ‘Some even started to work on the exercises” , he added.