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Engal Kural [Our Voice]

"Engal Kural" Editorial Team 2020 with staffs

Do our words fall on your ears?

Truly speaking it is not our voice, but the noise you make about us children that fall on our ears. So much is talked about our safety, our rights, our education, our future and our health- at home, at school, in the media, in the legislature, even in the United Nations. Plans and schemes too are made. Yet we are not free from suffocation. “Unless you become either a doctor or an engineer you don’t have a future” says a loud voice. “If you don’t take that highest grade you are not worthy of being a child” another lament you hear. Every day we carry a sac load of home work from the school. By the time we finish them, the morning arrives! With whom to talk? With whom to laugh with? And with whom to share our dreams? Along with children we invite you adults, to read our magazine. From now on let our voice ring in your ears.

Editorial from feb 2020 issue
Translated from Tamil

Editing with Staff assistance

“Gaining Journalistic skills early”

Bookmaking Workshop

“Skills for future”

Release of "Engal Kural" mega event

 “Senior Journalist Gokul Vannan released the first edition and Dr. Saravanan, Chairman of Madurai Child Welfare Committee (CWC) felicitated the children.”