Children’s Resource Centres (CRCs)

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CRCs are strong child-support spaces in the marginalised communities. CRCs function beyond school hours Monday through Friday (5PM to 7PM). CRCs provide Alternative Educational Experience based on CEDAR’s JOYSTIC pedagogy.

Painting and Drawing

“In creating their world with lines and shades and colours and cast, they recognise no victor and the vanished but only pure joy.”

Story Telling

“Giving form and meaning to their otherwise complex reality.”


“They begin a dialogue in imagination… but acquire skills and creativity not only to face the reality but also change it for better.”

Folk Art

“Provides continuity of memory and a metaphor for challenging the orthodox and the staus quo.”

Film Screening

“An enriching exploration into different worlds of children cutting across culture and geography.”

Creative Photography

“They learn to view through the lens and tell powerful stories of the world they see.”

Children making children's film

“They script, plan, produce and exhibit short films that tell stories about their world and provide a counter point to the adult imagination of the child.”

Skyline Project | Photography workshop for Children